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Our Ranch

Sunset at the main ranchThree Creeks Ranch is a horse and cattle ranch located in the beautiful Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon.  It is situated at 2000 feet elevation, nestled in its own little hidden valley high above the fog allowing for plenty of sunshine all year long.  Evans Creek, a major tributary to the Rogue River which is famous for its spring and fall steelhead and salmon runs, meanders through the ranch for a mile, with Morrison Creek and Cannon Creek emptying their waters into Evans Creek on the ranch, therefore maintaining plenty of water throughout the heat of  summer. Steelhead spawn in the creek. The ranch is surrounded by BLM, Forest Service land, and private timber companies for plenty of privacy.


South Fork Reservoir

Three Creeks Ranch offers camping, horseback riding, turkey hunting, competitive trail trials, and other activities at various times during the year.  While out hiking or riding it is common to come across plenty of wildlife on and surrounding the ranch which includes abundant deer, elk, waterfowl, turkey, quail, fox, and even an occasional elusive bear and mountain lion.


The Rogue River is in close proximity for excellent steelhead and salmon fishing, and rafting float trips. Crater Lake, Oregon Caves, and the Oregon coast are all within driving distance.

You will find incredible scenery and amazing photographic opportunities throughout Southern Oregon!


Our Kiger Mustangs

Kevin and elk

Double L Kigers is proud to offer the beautiful and unique Kiger Mustang horse for sale.  Our Kiger Mustangs are ranch raised roaming on hundreds of acres.   We feel strongly that purchasing a ranch raised horse has many benefits.  Our Kiger Mustangs live and grow up in an environment close to their wild counterparts.  They have creeks to cross daily, various terrain from mountains to meadows to roam in, making them some of the most sure footed Kiger Mustangs available!  In addition, the are roaming right along side our cattle and many have grown to become excellent mounts for cattle work.



Most of our Kiger Mustangs are Foundation Stock, meaning that they were adopted from the wild, originating directly from Riddle Mountain HMA or Kiger HMA. The photo below is of three of our foundation mares.  Bill & Betty

All of our Kiger Mustangs were carefully picked to ensure that the Double L Kigers for sale represent top quality Kiger Mustangs with correct conformation, and which carry the unique primitive dun factor markings and coloring that makes the Kiger Mustang a very special and unique breed.  We take pride in our breeding program and breed true to the original Kiger type established by the BLM. 

Cattle drive


You will find that the Kiger Mustangs raised at Double L Kigers make safe and reliable mounts with exceptional minds, high intelligence, wonderful dispositions, correct conformation, good strong bone structure, and their beauty is just an added bonus!



Kiger Mustang History

Bill & BettyThe Kiger Mustang is a unique and rare breed of horse mostly because of its beauty and history.  The very first "Kiger Mustangs" were dun mustangs found during the clearing of Riddle HMA in 1976.  The following year, the famous Beatty Butte '27' were found.  While the 27 horses of Spanish Mustang type got the most press, it was these initial 7 horses found in Riddle HMA that first confirmed to Bill Phillips and E. Ron Harding, BLM (Bureau of Land Management) Wild Horse Specialist, that the dun colored Spanish Mustang did indeed exist in southeast Oregon.  Bill Phillips and Ron Harding noticed that the herd had similar color, conformation and distinct markings known as the dun factor.  Genetic testing was performed at the University of Kentucky to determine there heritage. The DNA testing showed a high level of Spanish markers. It was also noted that the primitive gene for the dun factor was present in the breed. Thus the Kiger Mustangs are thought to be descended from the horses brought over to North America by the Spanish explorers in the early 1600's.  The BLM decided to manage the herd and to preserve the breed and currently have two herds,  the Kiger HMA and the Riddle Mountain HMA. This allows the breed to multiply and avoid being wiped out by natural catastrophe.

Markings for dun factor include dorsal stripe, ears with dark outline and fawn colored interior, bi-colored mane and tail, zebra stripes on the legs and chest, arm bars, shadowing on the face. The conformation of the Kiger Mustang is distinctive, smooth, and stylish, with chest of good depth and width, short back, broad and moderately muscled, well rounded hips, dense bone with sufficient substance. The Kiger Mustang has a lively, light action, tending toward higher than average front leg action.

These photos represent some of the primitive dun factor markings desirable. Leg barring, dorsal stripe, and bi-coloring in mane & tail.

As you browse through our web site, we hope the information provided has given you an understanding of what Three Creeks Ranch and Double L Kigers is all about.  We would be happy to answer any questions you might have and would very much enjoy speaking to you personally about our Kigers and the Ranch.

We look forward to welcoming guests to our home and making new friends.

Come as a guest.............leave as a friend!


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